Planning New Sites

Before  setting  up  a  new  site  RAN  Engineers  examine  the  area  using  Planning  Tools  and Maps (Google Map and Google Earth). They will obtain coverage predictions with the aid of AIRCOM‟s ASSET tool and ALCATEL‟s Radio Network Planning Tool. Why we need new sites?

·         Coverage for roads

·         Coverage for populated areas

·         To overcome Capacity issues (Reduce congestion of nearby sites)

As a company we wanted to generate revenue. Therefore to get an approval for a new site Engineer needs to prove the revenue that can be generated by setting up that new site. We will get a feedback from Regional Business Managers and Marketing section about current status  and  future  growth  of  that  area.  Drive  test  results  and  customer  complaints  are  also taken into consideration.  Then a suitable location is chosen.  Contractor will try to acquire a land as closer as possible  to the given coordinates.  Based on the location and requirement we decide which type of Site is to set up.

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