We know it can be extremely challenging to reach students who are struggling with behavioral issues at school or at home. That’s why Cornerstones of Care created the Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) in 1990. Certified in trauma-informed care, BIST empowers educators and parents with the resources and understanding they need to partner with these students to help them develop emotional awareness and positive coping skills so they can live safe, productive and nonviolent lives both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Since each situation and environment is different, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We don’t expect you to start off with our knowledge and skill set — that is what we are here to provide for you. Whatever your current trauma-informed level, we will meet you there and bring you up to where you need to be. Our services can support individuals, teams, complete school faculties or even entire school districts. It’s all based on your goals.

The BIST model will help you:

      Increase teaching time for all students.

      Facilitate lifelong change in skill sets for even the most challenging students.

      Decrease disruptive behavior in the classroom and at home.

      Provide relief for adults who are working directly with youth.

      Read more about our evidence-based outcomes and our training opportunities.

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