Domino Logic

Tinkering with Logic Gates Things to like about CMOS gates:

      easy to translate logic to fets

      rail-to-rail switching

      good noise margins, no static power since fets are in cutoff

      sizing not critical to correct operation Things not to like about CMOS gates:

      N inputs Ö 2N fets (i.e., one nfet and one pfet)

      large circuit area, especially for pfets, “heavy” loading of inputs

      pfets are either large or slow relative to nfets

      series connections can get very slow We can replace pfet pullup network with pseudo-NMOS load (pfet with grounded gate) but Š dissipate static power when output is low

      have to make load fet small to ensure that VOL is low enough to cut off nfets in next stage

      reduces static power consumption (good!)

      increases output rise time (bad!)

      One alternative: dynamic CMOS gates

Dynamic CMOS Gates

There’s good news and bad news

CMOS Domino Logic

More Domino-style Circuits

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